Strung Like A Horse

Strung Like A Horse

Strung Like A Horse

Strung Like A Horse

Strung Like a Horse is a high energy gypsy punk grass band based in Chattanooga, TN. They are coming fresh off of their third official release, FREE, and touring nationally. Your first taste of Strung Like a Horse is like that first sip of moonshine—it will blow your hat off your head and it’s far more intoxicating than you expected. They draw inspiration from folk punk bands like The Violent Femmes, but their roots are buried deep in the good ol’ fashioned home-made hillbilly stomp grass. These junkyard dogs bring “honest, playful, headbangingly interactive fun” to any venue their rocket crashes.

The SLAH sound is built by:

Clay Maselle – Slippery lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and kazoo
B.J. Hightower – Upright bass and soaring harmonies
Crispy – Drums, bells, and random hunks of junk he picked up along the way
Jordan Cudworth – Electric Guitar and Uke
Spooky Fiddler – Self explanatory

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Phone: (704) 405-1227

Email: [email protected]

P.O. Box 470985

Charlotte, NC 28247